Celebrate the Patriotic Month with a Special Discount at Hotel Zomay!

September is the month when all of Mexico adorns itself in the colors of its flag: green, white, and red. The squares of each city and town come alive with music, laughter, and delicious traditional food, reminding us of our rich history and culture. At Hotel Zomay, we not only recognize the importance of this period but want to immerse you in a patriotic experience that blends relaxation with tradition.

History and Significance of the Patriotic Month

Before diving into our special offer, it’s essential to recall why September is considered the patriotic month in Mexico. On September 16, 1810, Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla, along with other leaders, began the fight for Mexico’s independence from Spanish rule. This date marked the start of a struggle that would last over a decade, culminating in Mexico’s official independence in 1821.

Throughout this month, the streets of Mexico revive this spirit of fight and unity. Plazas light up with colored lights, families gather to collectively shout “Viva México!” and fireworks light up the night sky.

An Unforgettable September at Hotel Zomay

Choosing Hotel Zomay in September means more than just selecting a luxury accommodation. It means choosing a cultural experience. Here are some reasons to consider Zomay your home away from home this patriotic month:

  1. Festive Ambiance: Our entire décor transforms to reflect Mexico’s cultural richness, with traditional decorations and an environment that invites celebration.
  2. Patriotic Gastronomy: In our restaurant, we offer special menus with traditional dishes like chiles en nogada, pozole, tamales, and, of course, tequila and mezcal to toast.

Moreover, throughout September, we’re offering a 20% discount on all our rooms. Whether you’re looking for a romantic getaway, a family adventure, or simply a break from daily hustle and bustle, Hotel Zomay has something for everyone.

The Magic of Holbox Island in September

While Hotel Zomay offers an unparalleled experience, Holbox Island itself is a destination that comes alive in September. The clear waters of the Caribbean Sea, sandy streets, and colorful murals provide the perfect contrast to the patriotic festivities. During this month, locals and visitors alike come together to celebrate on the beach, with outdoor events, live music, and traditional dances.

At Hotel Zomay, every corner, every smile, and every detail are crafted to provide you with an authentic and unforgettable experience. This September, we invite you to be part of our family, to share laughter, stories, and create memories that will last a lifetime. Long live Mexico and the Zomay experience! 🇲🇽🎉🌴

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